Happy New Year!

I wanted first of all to wish everyone a happy new year! 2009 was quite a year both personally and in the world. This weekend or early next week, I will do a quick roundup of important atheist-related news and events related to this blog and to me personally. A lot happened this past year, so I think it’s good for me to reflect on that and think about what 2010 holds in store.

I’ve also posted a Disclosure statement. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has ruled that blogs should have a disclosure statement indicating any financial ties they may have that would influence their content. I don’t receive any money at all from my site, and feel that I already indicate pretty clearly where I get my news and information from, but felt I should post a statement anyway. You can click here to see it, and can be viewed by clicking the “Disclosure” tab at the top of my blog.

I wish everyone a very happy secular and irreligious New Year!

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