Reason Rally 2016!

reason-rally-logo-300x252This weekend will be the Reason Rally in Washington DC, with the highlight being the rally on Saturday, June 4th on the National Mall. There will be a variety of celebrities, scientists, activists, and public officials in attendance! The idea is to promote the importance of using reason (as opposed to religious dogma, pseudoscience, etc.) in making public decisions and to show that there are a growing number of Americans who support science- and reason-based government, as well as the separate of church and state.

Since I’ve recently been using my long-dormant account to tweet information related to the event, I thought I’d post a quick update here. In case you just happened to come to my website and don’t know about the Reason Rally, please check it out! I will also likely continue to tweet news about it before, during, and after the event from my Twitter account.



Live feed:




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