Palin’s religion

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Palin’s religion

Note: I originally posted a version of this blog as a comment on Dwindling in Unbelief , the blog for (SAB).

This election cycle just gets stranger in terms of religion. John McCain’s VP pick is a Pentecostal Christian , specifically she has been associated with the Assemblies of God . They believe in such rational things as prophesy and speaking in tongues. Not just in Biblical times, but today, as in still going on in now. Most Christians would think this is way out there, but there unfortunately are a number of denominations that do believe such things.

Palin’s former pastor described her as a "modern-day Esther". Steve Wells (who runs the SAB) pointed out reasons why this might not be such a flattering comparison: "When it was Esther turn to ‘go in unto the king,’ she pleases him the most. So, having won the sex contest, she is made queen in Vashti’s place. (Esther) 2:8-17 "

You would think Palin would get insulted at being compared to Esther. But if she reads a spinned version of Esther’s story such as this one , she apparently would think it was about some fun Extreme Makeover, Biblical edition.

This article asks us, "Are you allowing God to give you beauty treatment?" and tells us that the 12-month beauty treatment Esther went under before she was allowed to have sex with the King "was a physical treatment carried out with oils. Oil in the old testament represented the Holy Spirit."

And of course, "A carnal Christian maybe able to manifest the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but it takes a person who has dedicated herself willingly to the Lord to manifest the fruit of the spirit."

Most importantly, perhaps, your "background does not hinder your future with God". And your lack of political background does not hinder your future as vice president, apparently.

Here’s some of the fun stuff Palin and/or her true religion (before she wimped out from officially being in the Assemblies of God) preach. I like the fact that she prayed for a pipeline and that her pastor thinks that Alaska will be "one of the refuge states in the last days". Did you know that "hundreds and thousands of people are gonna come to the state to seek refuge?" (YouTube pt 1 , pt 2 ).

Maybe the perfect ticket would have been Romney-Palin. The Garden of Eden in Jackson County, Missouri, and the end times in Alaska. God bless America!

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