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Thanks to Dwindling In Unbelief, I just watched a funny video by nonstampcollector about contradictions in the Bible. The next time someone tries to tell you the Bible is inerrant, this should be a fun and educational way to show them that it’s most certainly not. I like the fact that the relevant passages are displayed each time an answer is given so that believer and non-believer alike can fact-check. Enjoy!

Congress praying/preying on health care reform

Who is responsible for new laws in the US, elected members of Congress or God? Apparently, some Congressmen and women think that it’s God, and not them, who is the highest authority on things such as health care reform. This video shows to what extent some politicans are either deluded, willing to pander to the Religious Right’s base, or both.

I try to stay as much out of politics as possible when it comes to this blog, and I am not saying whether I am for or against health care reform, but I find it very alarming that elected official would participate in the sort of insane religious prayers featured in the above clip on the Rachel Maddow Show. I don’t watch her show, but more and more often I’m coming across clips from her show that I think are important for freethinkers (such as a recent report on the Psalms 109-ers who are praying for Obama’s death). These are scary times indeed.

Thanks to Brother Richard’s Life Without Faith and Steve Wells’ Dwindling In Unbelief for originally featuring these videos.

Imagine that!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Imagine that!

The entries from Dwindling in Unbelief that I referred to in my previous post made its way into a couple other sites on the web (good.is , Cynical-C Blog ) and spurred some discussion. The good.is post even included my reference to Kokomo in it!

Sometimes, with so many people I know and so many people in the world believing in the Bible, being a non-believer does seem a little hopeless. But it gives me some hope that there are people out there who are discussing things like this, and that it’s even reaching some people who are strong believers in God. It’s pretty amazing that someone can post something on a blog, and in a matter of hours people from all over are reading and discussing it.

Even if people reject the idea that the murderous God of the Bible may not be so good after all, they’ve at least read and considered it now. And I hope that people who at least consider that the Bible isn’t all good, even if they don’t reject it completely, will become a little more open-minded about things and more understanding towards people who don’t believe. That’s a step in the right direction, I think.